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The Fight for the Environment in 2012
A special program at our next meeting:  Friday, February 10th, at 4PM 
Join us for this important program.  These three speakers will outline California's environmental challenges for 2012, and describe the political landscape for environmental candidates, issues and activists.  Click Here for meeting info.
John Laird
, California Secretary for Natural Resources, is in charge of protecting and restoring California's natural resources.  He was appointed secretary by Governor Jerry Brown in January of 2011.  Laird has pent 35 years in public service, including 23 years as an elected official.  Throughout the 1980's, Laird lead local governments in the fight against proposed offshore oil drilling.  He also worked for designation of the Monterey Bay as a National Marine Sanctuary. 
Michael Brune
, The new national executive director of the Sierra Club, is a respected leader whose strategic vision has driven a number of important environmental victories.  He led a historic consumer-education campaign that persuaded Home Depot to stop selling wood from endangered forests, and has won more than a dozen other key environmental commitments from America's largest corporations.
Ben Tulchin
, is the Founder and President of Tulchin Research.  Tulchin has provided research services to a wide range of clients across the country, including government agencies, candidates for elected office, ballot measure campaigns, labor unions, and major environmental groups like the California League of Conservation Voters and the Wilderness Society.


Dear supporters of the Environmental Caucus,

Welcome to our website. We hope this will be a great vehicle to provide caucus members and supporters with information about the caucus and about upcoming meetings and issues. With Democratic majorities in the Assembly and Senate and Governor Brown in office, this year should be a good one for environmental policies and appointments. However, this is also a time to be vigilant to make sure that the environment is not sacrificed in the ongoing budget negotiations.

Governor Brown has already shown himself to be an environmental leader through strong appointments such as that of John Laird as Resources Secretary.  2012 will be crucial for appointments and for elections up and down the state.  With redistricting and an open primary, this is a the most important election cycle in a decade.  Environmental activists face a crucial opportunity to elect and retain environmental leaders in the legislature.

Please join us.  Membership in the caucus is just $10 per year.  

To join, . The work of the caucus will be especially important in the coming year as Republicans continue to try to undermine environmental safeguards with false claims that economic security and environmental protection cannot co-exist.

Tim Allison

Statewide Chair, Environmental Caucus         
CA Democratic Party


Democratic State Convention
Friday, February 10th, 2012
4PM to 5:45PM
San Diego Convention Center
111 W. Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101
 Caucus meeting room to be announced on schedule at convention.
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