Though we environmentalists have many crises to address, one elephant in the room is animal agriculture.   Dana Baker and Shawnee Badger are the co-chairs of a new Animal Agriculture Committee of the Environmental Caucus.

The first project of this committee will be an informational campaign about the history of animal agriculture and its current circumstances and dilemmas — not only here in California but elsewhere in the nation and worldwide.  We will advocate for alternative food production pathways that are environmentally sustainable and humane.

Our aim is to elevate the voices of those most often ignored on this subject, and to highlight the intersectionality (people’s diverse identities and overlapping experiences) of the agricultural system.

Anyone who wants to help us champion the transition of agriculture to sustainable practices that protect the environment, while ensuring that the interests and values of everyone who lives and works on the land are respected and taken into account, please reach out to Dana or Shawnee.  You can reach us here.