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CA DEM Exec Board Meeting October 24, 2021

JOINT STATEMENT RE VIRTUAL E-BOARD MEETING ON 10/24/21 All Executive Board members should have received an email from the CADEM Statewide Officers confirming that the Special Meeting called for October 24, 2021 at 10am, will go forward as a virtual-only meeting. We appreciate the efforts of our Party Officers in fulfilling their duties and advising that a Special Meeting of the Executive Board will be held with formal notice to all with an Agenda to be released at least 10 days prior to the Oct 24th meeting.

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Friends of Tesla Park

For months there has been work behind the scenes at the Capitol to get language into the budget to preserve Tesla Park.  Our focus now is to get the Tesla language into the Natural Resources (NR) Budget Trailer Bill.  While the timing is uncertain, we have to assume the bill could be taken up anytime. We need your help to contact the Governor and his administration to support the Tesla trailer bill language in the Natural Resources trailer bill.

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Contact Gov. Newsom: Sign SB1!

Governor Newsom has indicated that he may veto SB1, the legislation that can protect California against Trump’s undermining of environmental protection laws. SB1 passed the Assembly and the Seante. Today’s San Francisco Chronicle has an EDITORIAL urging him to sign. This is a BIG ONE. Please DO IT. You can contact Governor Newsom via and urge him to sign the bill. The link also gives the Governor’s phone number. You can both call and write.

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California is the world’s fifth largest supplier of food, cotton, and other agricultural products.

Drought is calamitous for California’s agriculture.

 California Environment and Conservation Corps

Studying the effects of cattle grazing on California’s delicate vernal pools

Ocean acidification destabilizes and degrades marine environments, endangering fish and other organisms.  Oceans provide nutrition, climate regulation, and CO2 and global warming reduction — all of which contributions are endangered by increased acidity.

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