Our Party is committed to democratic governance at every level (town, state, nation), and that includes inside our own political party!  Here in California, the undersigned Democratic Party caucuses stand united in advocating for grassroots enfranchisement.  See below.


All Executive Board members should have received an email from the CADEM Statewide Officers confirming that the Special Meeting called for October 24, 2021 at 10am, will go forward as a virtual-only meeting. We appreciate the efforts of our Party Officers in fulfilling their duties and advising that a Special Meeting of the Executive Board will be held with formal notice to all with an Agenda to be released at least 10 days prior to the Oct 24th meeting.

Every Democrat, from Statewide Officer to Delegate, should see this meeting as a victory for democracy within the Party. The failure to agendize the recommendations of the previous ad hoc committees interrupted our ability to be a party of and by the people. All Executive Board Members should be able to attend, make a motion, and have their voices heard. We will overcome this challenge and we will be a better, more inclusive, and more democratic Party because of it.

This meeting is an important opportunity to correct missteps of the recent past in accepting fossil fuel and law enforcement money. We appreciate the assurances from the CDP Officers not to continue to accept those funds prior to a formal vote of the Executive Board. However, the Executive Board of the Party must first vote on the 2019 and 2020 committee recommendations; then the new ad hoc committee can get to work to determine how best to move forward on any new recommendations.

In order to ensure that the “Ad Hoc Committee 2.0” being convened does not duplicate the work of the Ad Hoc Committee of 2019-20, and that the pool of potential members of the Ad Hoc Committee 2.0 is fully inclusive, we call on CDP Officers to affirm that the Caucus Chairs will be given the opportunity to appoint a representative from each of their respective caucuses to the ad hoc committee.

As we have noted previously, an in-person meeting was necessary only to ensure that the challenges of a virtual meeting were not used to silence Executive Board Members, as transpired during our most recent meeting. We trust that additional efforts will be made at this virtual meeting to make certain that the noticed Agenda is followed and to recognize all those Executive Board members who wish to be heard. If there is another failure, we reserve our right to call for another Executive Board meeting until there is a vote on the substantive issues discussed here.

Thank you to everyone that has engaged in constructive dialogue regarding this meeting. We humbly accept any and all criticism and trust that our colleagues accept that we have been acting in good faith to represent our members and Democrats across the state. The issues that  we, as a Party, address are not simple, but we are proud of our Party for tackling them nonetheless. We look forward to the meeting notice and final agenda contained in that notice.

In solidarity,

Taisha Brown, Black Caucus Chair
Igor Tregub, Environmental Caucus Chair
Carlos Alcala, Chicano Latino Caucus Chair
Konstantine Anthony, Disabilities Caucus Chair
Ann Crosbie, Children’s Caucus Chair
Ron Cohen, Veterans Caucus Chair
Ruth Carter, Senior Caucus Chair
Amar Shergill, Progressive Caucus Chair